The Spinecor Dynamic Corrective Brace

SpineCor  can provide stabilization or even correction of Idiopathic Scoliosis from Cobb angles between 15° and 40° as the norm (and in exceptional cases up to 50°, subject to assessment.)

As a patient at SpineCorNY, you will meet with our Orthotist  to ensure maximum results-driven treatment. We customize Scoliosis brace to fit your specific degree measurements in addition to assisting in breathing exercises that help not only strengthen the spine, but help the body adjust to the increasingly improving conditions. 

The FIRST and ONLY Dynamic Corrective Brace for the treatment of Idiopathic Scoliosis
— SpineCor®

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The SpineCor® Treatment Process

Prior to the patient’s first appointment, their medical condition is reviewed to determine what treatments or medication may have already been administered.

  • Clinical Evaluation: to evaluate the patient’s growth and the pattern of any postural abnormalities.
  • X-ray Evaluation: recent x-rays of the patient’s spine are studied to evaluate their type of scoliosis curve and its potential for progression. Some new, pre-bracing x-rays may need to be taken, depending on the x-rays which may already be available.
  • Postural Evaluation: to evaluate the patient’s postural abnormalities by visual evaluation of their spine and simple measurements being taken using a laser plumbline, scoliometer, protractor and ruler.
  • SpineCor® Assistant Software (SAS):  specially designed software records data from all the evaluations and calculates the patient’s specific curve classification. This software will also specify the exact brace fitting details for the patient.
  • Once the brace is fitted, the changes to the patient’s spine and posture are evaluated. A new x-ray of the patient wearing the brace is then required to confirm the results.
  • At the end of the visit the patient will be shown how to fit and take off the brace.  
  • The patient will need to make further visits to their clinic for regular readjustments to the brace for the duration of their SpineCor® treatment.

Wearing the Spinecor® Dynamic Corrective Brace

Usually the SpineCor® brace is worn for 20 hours per day.  The four hours out of the brace should be taken at two or more intervals during the least active part of the child’s day.  The brace must be worn while sleeping.

The length of SpineCor® treatment will depend on the child’s age when the treatment is started and the severity of their curve.  It is always a minimum of 18 months.  Adolescents typically wear braces for an average of 26 months, whilst juveniles may require brace treatment for many years.

To optimise the effects of the brace, children are encouraged to perform any type of sport WEARING the brace (except for swimming).

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