Frequently Asked Questions

 How long do patients need to wear the SpineCor® brace for?
Children: Usually the SpineCor® brace is worn for 20 hours per day. The four hours out of the brace should be taken at two or more intervals during the least active part of the child’s day. The brace must be worn while sleeping.

Adults: This depends upon the severity of the problem and the treatment objective. Generally there will need to be some intensive periods of wear followed by a reduced period of daily wear. This can vary from a few hours a day to virtually full time.

 Is it easy to put the SpineCor® brace on?
Yes, the brace may look complicated but it is very easy to put on and your brace provider will make sure you are able to do this during your brace fitting appointment.

 How long does it take for assessment and fitting of a SpineCor® brace?
This depends upon the complexity of the case, but anything from one and half hours to three hours.

 How often do patients need follow-up appointments?
Children: An initial follow-up appointment is generally held between 4-6 weeks after the brace fitting. Following this, three monthly reviews are held to monitor the child’s progress and adjust the brace if necessary.

Adults: An initial follow-up is generally recommended between 6 weeks and 3 months, following this 3 – 6 monthly reviews may be advised depending on the severity of the problem.

 Is physiotherapy necessary with SpineCor® treatment?
No. SpineCor® treatment may in itself be considered a physical therapy which in most cases is sufficient. However, if additional physiotherapy is considered beneficial to the patient, then it will be prescribed.

 Can patients still exercise while wearing the brace?
To optimise the dynamic effect of the brace, we would encourage patients to perform any type of sport WEARING the brace (except for swimming).

 Can the brace components be washed?
Yes. The maintenance of the brace is explained extensively to patients and their families from the moment that it is first applied. In addition, a maintenance guide explaining the washing and drying process of the brace is also provided to the patients when it is fitted. 




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